German Law



  1. General
    1.1 These general terms and conditions apply to the provision of hotel rooms, meeting, group and banquet rooms as well as to all related entertainment. The content of the respective contract with the organizer/hotel guest is based exclusively on our written reservation confirmation and the content of the following conditions.
  1. Conclusion of contract
    2.1 The Hotel “Schloss Friedestrom” (hereinafter: “Hotel”) guarantees the provision of the reserved rooms and/or event rooms as well as ordered services only on the condition that the customer confirms this in writing within the period specified by the hotel in the reservation confirmation.
    2.2 The subletting or subletting of the rooms, rooms or areas provided as well as invitations to interviews, sales or similar events require the hotel's prior written consent.
  1. Arrival and departure
    3.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, it is not possible to move into the room before 3 p.m. on the day of arrival and the room must be returned by 11 a.m.
    3.2 If you depart after 11 a.m., the guest must inform reception of this. If the hotel agrees, half the room price must be paid for departures by 6 p.m. and the full room price after 6 p.m.
    3.3 Arrivals for reserved rooms must take place by 6 p.m. on the day of arrival at the latest. If this does not happen, the hotel may dispose of the rooms unless expressly agreed otherwise. This does not apply to guaranteed reservations made through advance payments, vouchers or by providing a credit card number with an expiry date from a credit card company accepted by the hotel.
  1. Services, prices and payments
    4.1 The hotel is obliged to provide the services ordered by the organizer/hotel guest and promised by the hotel.
    4.2 The organizer/hotel guest is obliged to pay the hotel's agreed prices for these services. This also applies to services and expenses of the hotel to third parties in connection with the event.
    4.3 The agreed prices include the respective statutory sales tax. If the period between the conclusion of the contract and the event exceeds four months and the price generally charged by the hotel for such services increases, the contractually agreed price can be increased appropriately, but by a maximum of 8%.
    4.4 The prices can also be changed by the hotel if the customer subsequently requests changes to the number of rooms booked, the hotel's services or the length of stay of the guests and the hotel agrees to this.
    4.5 Hotel invoices without a due date are payable without deductions within 10 days of receipt of the invoice. In the event of late payment, the hotel is entitled to charge interest of 5%, or 8% for merchants, above the current discount rate of the Deutsche Bundesbank. The organizer/hotel guest reserves the right to prove lower damages and the hotel reserves the right to prove higher damages.
    4.6 The hotel is entitled to demand an appropriate advance payment at any time. The amount of the advance payment and the payment dates can be agreed in writing in the contract or schedule. The deposit is viewed and charged by the hotel as a deposit.
    4.7 The hotel requires advance payment from organizers/hotel guests with residence/company headquarters abroad. The amount of the advance payment and the payment dates will be agreed in writing. For transfers from abroad, all fees incurred are borne by the organizer.
    4.8 Credit cards are not normally accepted for paying banquet bills. In exceptional cases, the hotel charges an additional credit card commission of 3% on the invoice amount.
    4.9 The customer agrees that the invoice can be sent to him electronically.
  1. Withdrawal of the customer (cancellation, cancellation) / non-use of the hotel's services (no show)
    5.1 The customer can only withdraw from the contract concluded with the hotel if a right of withdrawal was expressly agreed in the contract, a statutory right of withdrawal exists or if the hotel expressly agrees to the cancellation of the contract.
    5.2 If a date for free withdrawal from the contract has been agreed between the hotel and the customer, the customer can withdraw from the contract in writing until then without giving rise to any claims for payment or damages from the hotel.
    5.3 If a right of withdrawal has not been agreed or has already expired, there is no statutory right of withdrawal or termination and the hotel does not agree to the cancellation of the contract, the hotel retains the right to the agreed remuneration despite non-use of the service. The hotel must take into account the income from renting the rooms elsewhere as well as the saved expenses. If the rooms are not rented to someone else, the hotel can make a flat rate deduction for saved expenses. In this case, the customer is obliged to pay 90% of the contractually agreed price for overnight accommodation with or without breakfast as well as 80% of the contractually agreed price for conference flat rates and/or room rentals. The customer is free to prove that the aforementioned claim did not arise or did not arise to the required amount. The following applies in particular as a guideline:
    5.4 Cancellations of banquet events (e.g. weddings):
    5.4.1 The hotel is entitled to charge the following cancellation fees (lost sales) if re-letting was not possible: Cancellation up to 12 weeks before the start of the event 30% of the minimum sales stated in the contract or in the reservation confirmation & room rent Cancellation 12 to 8 weeks before the start of the event 50% of the minimum turnover & room rent stated in the contract or in the reservation confirmation Cancellation 8 to 4 weeks before the start of the event 70% of the minimum turnover & room rent stated in the contract or in the reservation confirmation Withdrawal 4 weeks before the start of the event 80% of the in Contract, or the minimum turnover & room rent stated in the reservation confirmation
    5.4.2 The organizer/hotel guest reserves the right to prove lower damages and the hotel reserves the right to prove higher damages.
    5.4.3 Changes in the number of participants in conference or banquet events
    5.4.4 The contractual partner is obliged to inform the hotel of the expected number of participants when ordering. The final number of participants must be communicated to the hotel in writing at least 6 working days before the event date in order to ensure careful preparation. A change of more than 5% requires the hotel's consent.
    5.4.5 When calculating services that the hotel provides based on the number of registered people (such as hotel rooms, food and drinks), if the reported and contractually agreed number of participants increases, the actual number of people or rooms will be calculated. If the contractually agreed number of participants is reduced by more than 5%, the hotel is entitled to bill the contractually agreed number of participants minus 5%.
    5.4.6 If the organizer/hotel guest reduces the number of people originally confirmed by the hotel by more than 10%, the hotel reserves the right to appropriately increase the agreed prices as well as the confirmed ones to exchange rooms, unless this cannot be reasonably expected of the contractual partner.
    5.4.7 In the event of an increase in the number of participants, the actual number of participants will be calculated.
    5.4.8 If the number of participants is stated “from ... to ...”, the maximum number of participants specified is binding for invoicing.
  1. Room provision costs for events
    6.1 The hotel reserves the right to charge a room rent if the minimum turnover specified in the contract is not reached.
    6.2 If additional rooms are ordered, for example for dancing, the hotel reserves the right to charge room provision costs. This also applies when ordering rooms that are oversized in relation to the number of guests.
  1. Cancellation by the hotel
    7.1 If it has been agreed that the customer can withdraw from the contract free of charge within a certain period of time, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract during this period if inquiries from others Customers have the contractually booked rooms and the customer does not waive their right to withdraw from the contract upon request from the hotel with a reasonable deadline. This applies accordingly if an option is granted if there are other requests and the customer responds to a reasonable request from the hotel Deadline is not ready for firm booking.
    7.2 If the advance payment is not made within the agreed deadline, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract. The hotel’s claim to cancellation fees (§ 5) remains unaffected.
    7.3 Furthermore, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract for objectively justified reasons to withdraw, for example if - force majeure or other circumstances for which the hotel is not responsible make performance of the contract impossible;
    - Events were booked with misleading or false information about essential facts, e.g. the organizer or purpose;
    - the hotel has reasonable grounds to believe that the events may endanger the smooth running of business, the security or the public image of the hotel, without this this is attributable to the control or organizational area of ​​the hotel.
    7.4 The hotel must immediately inform the organizer/hotel guest of the exercise of the right of withdrawal
    7.5 The hotel's justified withdrawal does not constitute a claim by the customer Damages.
  1. Liability & special information for events
    8.1 The organizer/hotel guest is liable for all damage to buildings or inventory or excessive soiling in public areas caused by event participants or visitors, employees, other third parties from his area or himself.
    8.2 The hotel can require the organizer/hotel guest to provide appropriate security (e.g. insurance, deposits, guarantees).
    8.3 The customer must obtain any official permits necessary for the event in good time at his own expense. He is responsible for compliance with public law requirements and other regulations (e.g. fireworks, GEMA fees, artists' social security contributions). The release of balloons requires approval from air traffic control at Düsseldorf Airport and must be obtained from the organizer/hotel guest.
    8.4 The statutory provisions apply to the hotel's unlimited liability.
    8.5 The organizer is generally not allowed to bring food and drinks to the events. In special cases (national specialties, etc.) a written agreement can be made; In these cases, a service fee or corkage fee will be charged.
    8.6 The use of decorative materials and similar items requires the hotel's prior written consent. All decorative materials must meet fire safety requirements. The organizer must ensure that it is securely attached and easily removed. Unless otherwise agreed with the hotel, the decoration materials provided by the organizer must be removed and collected immediately after the end of the event.
    8.7 For events, an hourly rate of at least €45.00 per employee will be charged after the agreed end of the event and from 1:00 a.m. onwards. The hotel also points out that events can only be held until 3:00 a.m. unless expressly agreed otherwise in the contract.
  1. General information & final provisions
    9.1 For banquet events, the hotel assumes no warranty if leftover cake is taken away because it has not been cooled for a longer period of time. In principle, the hotel must be informed in advance in writing that cakes should be taken with them and can only be taken in the guest's own containers be given. The hotel refuses to take any other food with you.
    9.2 Animals may only be brought by guests with the hotel's prior consent and a surcharge will be charged. These may not be taken into the breakfast room or relaxation area.
    9.3 The hotel will handle wake-up calls with the greatest possible care. However, claims for damages arising from incorrect performance are excluded.
    9.4 Changes or additions to the contract, the acceptance of the application or these terms and conditions should be made in writing. Unilateral changes or additions by the organizer/hotel guest are invalid.
    9.5 Place of fulfillment and payment is the hotel's headquarters.
    9.6 German law applies.
    9.7 If individual provisions of these general terms and conditions for events are ineffective or void, this will not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. In addition, the statutory provisions apply.